Gearing up to launch the beta

Johannes and I are gearing up to launch the beta version of TaxiMe. On Friday night, we ordered pizza and Johannes came over to my house where we finalized a few last bug fixes and tweaks to make it extra purdy.

For those that are wondering what TaxiMe is, it’s a taxi estimation app that estimates your taxi fare from A to B and factors in weather, time of day, traffic and city rates into the estimation. It’s a one of a kind taxi estimation app.

Here’s Johannes working on the little touch-ups for the iPhone app. We’ll be posting a video of it in action soon enough!


Here’s Andrée helping me phone taxi companies to get the proper taxi rates. That night, we got rates for 35 US cities. Right now, we have rates for about 60 cities across US and Canada. We’re not stopping there, there are still several cities we wish to support right out of the gate.


Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Gearing up to launch the beta

  1. shamjones says:

    Way to go guys! I’m sure it will be the best estimation app in the known universe! You should definitely crowd source the taxi rate work… Don’t want you turning into a telemarketer!

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